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Electric Ride On Toys

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When it comes to adrenaline-spiking fun, we’ve got you covered! Our wide range of kids electric ride on toys guarantees to have your young one entertained during those long hot summer days. Whether it’s for a young thrill-seeking lad or a stylish lass, you’ll find what you need in the Razor electric ride on toys range below.

With adjustable-height seats, fold-away kickstands, shock-absorbing pneumatic tyres and other innovative features, the electric ride on toys allow your child to blow off steam safely and securely, giving you peace of mind.

Gaining popularity, the electric ride on toys makes a perfect environmentally-friendly and practical birthday or Christmas gift for all those adventurous kids as young as 6 years old (applies to some models only). The fun lasts longer with the rechargeable batteries and innovative design across the Razor electric ride on range.

Check out our kids electric ride ons below to find out what makes each model unique!

electric ride on toys award winner
Best Electric Ride On Toy Retailer

Top of range battery powered ride on toys

Razor is a well-established, award-winning manufacturer of electric ride on vehicles for kids with 20 years of experience, offering safe and innovative solutions to fun-filled pastimes.

Free Next Day Delivery

With an efficient set-up of our logistics, your order is automatically sent to our fulfilment centre, so that you receive your order promptly. We offer fast and FREE delivery with all of our kids electric ride ons.

Competitive Prices

Electric Scooter Kids aim to make their electric ride on vehicles accessible to all kids over the minimum age requirement by always offering our stylish and colourful range of Razor electric vehicles at competitive prices.

Battery powered ride on toys

Fun that’s good for the environment

Electric ride ons are an innovative product that helps your kids contribute to an emission-free world. Powered by a rechargeable battery, our ride on battery toys don’t require any environment-polluting fuels, making them a more conscious, greener and more sustainable option for leisure activities.

Kids electric ride ons designed with comfort in mind

The majority of our kids electric Razor ride on vehicles come with at least one pneumatic tyre to absorb the shock of riding and reduce the vibration impact on your child’s hands, letting them enjoy it for longer. You’ll find some models offering a padded, adjustable-height seat and other innovative features which help to make the ride on toy match your child’s size and style.

Scaled-down electric ride ons for young adrenaline seekers

The entire Razor electric ride on range is made up of smaller versions of some of the most classic real-life ride ons, such as dirt quads, the iconic Jeremy McGarth motocross bike or the vintage-style Italian style scooter. The attention to detail in the design of the electric ride ons for kids makes their experience more real and engaging!

Electric ride ons in action!

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kids electric ride on toys

Featured electric ride ons


kids electric ride on toys

Featured electric ride ons


Kids Electric Ride On Toys FAQs

Discovering the best kids electric ride on toys everyday

Check Our Range
Check Our Range
How long does the battery last on kids electric ride on toys?2021-06-30T11:56:15+00:00

The longevity of the battery in your electric ride on toy depends on the speed you ride your electric ride on with, as well as whether you are riding the vehicle continuously or not. The voltage of the battery used in your ride on vehicle toy also plays a part in how long the battery will last. When purchasing your electric ride on toy, read the specifications to learn about the capabilities of your battery. For example, a 12V ride on toy that is being used continuously at a speed of 9mph, can work for around 30 minutes. Comparatively a 24V battery ride on being riden continuously at speeds of 12mph can last up to 40 minutes. If your child is not riding their electric ride on toy continuously then the battery is likely to last longer before it needs to be recharged. 

What age are kids electric ride ons for?2021-06-30T11:55:55+00:00

Just like with any motor operated toys, there are age requirements applied to electric ride on toys. This is to ensure the safety of the young riders. The different models of Razor electric ride on toys come with a different voltages of batteries and varying motor capacities, which often determines the age limit. The more powerful the ride on toy, the higher the age requirement. However, with many safety features, some Razor ride on toys are accessible to riders as young as 6 years old. An example of a ride on toy that is suitable for some of the youngest riders is the Razor Crazy Cart Shift Electric Drift Car 12V. It comes with variable speed acceleration up to 13 km/h in the default “HIGH” speed setting. A hidden top speed control switch allows parents to limit their child’s Crazy Cart Shift to a top speed of 4 km/h for younger drivers and beginners. At the top of the range of Razor electric ride on toys selection, you’ll find the Crazy Cart XL – a larger, more powerful ride on that is suitable for teenagers from 16 years of age. As a best practice, it is recommended to carefully read the specifications when purchasing any electric ride on toys for kids to ensure your child meets the requirements in terms of age or weight.   

How much does an electric ride on for kids cost?2021-06-30T11:55:33+00:00

The price of electric ride on vehicle toys for kids varies depending on the model. Each Razor model comes with different features, motor, battery and a different design. All of the different elements of the ride on toy determine its price point. You can expect an electric ride on Minibike or an electric Skateboard to cost somewhere around £240, making them some of the more budget-friendly options out there. A mid-range choice of a ride on toy for kids includes vehicle toys, such as a Pocket Mod Scooter or an electric Drift Cart. You can expect to pay anywhere between £400-£600 for such ride on toys. At the top of the range, in terms of Razor electric ride ons, you will find electric Dirt Quad Bikes or 36V electric Drift Karts, which are aimed at teenagers, which you’ll see selling from £700 to £1000 each. As a general rule of thumb, the more power the ride on toy has, and the more sophisticated the features, the higher the price of the ride on toy will be. 

How fast does a 12V ride on toy go?2021-06-30T11:55:10+00:00

The speed that an electric ride on toy can reach is dependent on several factors. One of those factors is the power of the battery. Others include the actual weight of the vehicle toy, the weight of the rider as well as the terrain the rider chooses to ride on. Generally speaking, a 12V ride on toy can reach speeds of around 8mph (13km/h) to 9mph (14km/h). Usually, the motor that is fitted into the 12V ride ons is a little less powerful than the one that a 24V, or higher, ride ons might have, meaning the top speed offered by a 12V ride on toy are not as high as the top speeds of a 24V ride on. For that reason, a 12V ride on toy makes a great gift for the younger thrill-seekers, starting as young as 6-year-old.

How fast does a 24V ride on toy go?2021-06-30T11:54:38+00:00

The speed that an electric ride on toy can reach is dependent on several factors. One of those factors is the power of the battery. Others include the actual weight of the vehicle toy, the weight of the rider as well as the terrain the rider chooses to ride on. Generally speaking, a 24V ride on toy can reach speeds of anywhere between 8mph (13km/h) and 15mph (24km/h). In most cases, the 24V ride on toys are equipped with two 12V sealed lead-acid batteries, both rechargeable. Electric ride on toys, just like electric scooters come with battery chargers that are compatible with the batteries that are fitted in the vehicle toys. This offers the most optimum method to recharge your ride ons’ batteries, to allow it to go at its full speed. 

What is an electric ride on?2021-10-11T14:01:37+00:00

An electric ride on is a toy for kids that mimics a real vehicle. The toys are powered by a rechargeable battery and can take the form of various real-life vehicles, ranging from mopeds, motocross bikes to quad bikes and skateboards. Electric ride ons are a perfect gift for young, adventurous boys and girls as they allow them to feel like grown-ups, whizzing around on a stylish motorbike or moped. The high-quality batteries that are fitted into the electric ride on toys make the fun last longer – some offering up to 40 minutes of continuous use. The different types and models of electric ride on toys come with different speed limits, age and weight restrictions. This helps to keep them safe for your child to ride on, offering you peace of mind. 

Kids Electric Ride On Toys

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