Whilst electric scooters are still not technically legal for road use, you will find that a lot of ranges are selling fast at record sales across the country. The word has come out that this slick method of transportation is the newest innovation in the sphere of children’s leisure. Because of this, you find a lot of electric scooter salesmen popping out of the woodwork and trying to shift their units. A simple Google search will offer you a lofty list of options for electric scooters. So the question is, with all these options, where is the right place to go?

We at Electric Scooter Kids will always recommend consulting a buying guide to find your child the right model you’re looking for. You should consider your child’s age, the motor, the battery, and the price of your electric scooter when you’re looking for your dream model. With this, Electric Scooter Kids is proud to offer the award-winning, renowned Razor Power Core series of electric scooters. Check out our individual pages on our models to get a good idea of what the Razor models can do for you.

If ever you find yourself lost shopping for an electric scooter, remember that you can always consult our team of diehard electric scooter experts here at Electric Scooter Kids. We can answer any burning questions you have and provide you with the right information you’re looking for to help you make a decision.