It can seem daunting browsing through the many different brands of electric scooters to try and deduce which range can offer you the greatest authentic e-scooter experience and which can be rather subpar. If you’re not careful, you are down on money and stuck with a mediocre model that is both unsafe and unable to deliver an enjoyable ride. Luckily, we have the reliable world of diehard electric scooter bloggers, reviewers and contemporary peers to let us in on the inside scoop of what is and isn’t the best bang for your buck and the general consensus is that the Razor Power Core series is the top of the range e-scooter for your 8-year old.

With its reliability and slick operation, everyone can agree that the Razor series is where it’s at in the world of children’s e-scooters, and Electric Scooter Kids is proud to offer Razor as their premium electric scooter brand. As a renowned, award-winning maker of top of the line electric scooters for kids with 20 years of experience, Razor is privileged to present to you the best, safest, and most innovative quality solution to the leisurely world of electric scooters. If ever you are in doubt, don’t be afraid to ask a member of the Electric Scooter Kids team, they can always be reached and give you the advice you need.