Just like with any motor operated toys, there are age requirements applied to electric ride on toys. This is to ensure the safety of the young riders. The different models of Razor electric ride on toys come with a different voltages of batteries and varying motor capacities, which often determines the age limit. The more powerful the ride on toy, the higher the age requirement. However, with many safety features, some Razor ride on toys are accessible to riders as young as 6 years old. An example of a ride on toy that is suitable for some of the youngest riders is the Razor Crazy Cart Shift Electric Drift Car 12V. It comes with variable speed acceleration up to 13 km/h in the default “HIGH” speed setting. A hidden top speed control switch allows parents to limit their child’s Crazy Cart Shift to a top speed of 4 km/h for younger drivers and beginners. At the top of the range of Razor electric ride on toys selection, you’ll find the Crazy Cart XL – a larger, more powerful ride on that is suitable for teenagers from 16 years of age. As a best practice, it is recommended to carefully read the specifications when purchasing any electric ride on toys for kids to ensure your child meets the requirements in terms of age or weight.