Many parents always want to ensure that their child is secure and safe on their electric scooter, and some often wonder if their child is mature enough to handle these marvellous machines. The general recommended minimum age for electric scooter ownership is at least 8 years old, as this usually allows for your child to have some level of experience managing simple kick scooters before moving up to the next level. You will find that only licensed electric scooters are eligible for the road, so if your child is an adolescent you can consider this a viable option, though always prioritise what you think is safest for your child.

Pound for pound, you will find the Razor range of electric scooters is the most critically acclaimed and widely agreed by electric scooter enthusiasts to be the most reliable model when it comes to keeping your child safe. As a renowned, award-winning maker of top of the line electric scooters for kids with 20 years of experience, Razor is privileged to present to you the best, safest, and most innovative quality solution to the leisurely world of electric scooters. If ever you are in doubt, don’t be afraid to ask a member of the Electric Scooter Kids team, they can always be reached and give you the advice you need.