We at Electric Scooter Kids understand and respect that sometimes a customer wants to maintain frugality when shopping for their e-scooter, as the world of electronic transportation can seem intimidating when it comes to pricing. Unsurprisingly, the electric scooter industry is becoming more popular worldwide day by day. With that, more casual (and more perceptive) potential customers are coming in with concerns over prices.

For novice riders, you can find electric scooters starting as low as £140 which, with their fresh design and competitive battery life, can be a perfect starter scooter for your 8-year old at a bargain. For those with a bit more experience and more money to spend, you could be looking for a pro electric scooter that could cost from £150 to upwards of £500, depending on the quality and the kind of power you’re looking for. Try to remember that models with more voltage tend to pack a bigger punch with the catch of a bigger price tag.

For more comprehensive information on the price of each specific model here at Electric Scooter Kids, don’t be afraid to browse through our pages on each model we sell to get an idea of what our prices will be. You can also get in touch with our team who will be happy to answer any questions you have.