The price of electric ride on vehicle toys for kids varies depending on the model. Each Razor model comes with different features, motor, battery and a different design. All of the different elements of the ride on toy determine its price point. You can expect an electric ride on Minibike or an electric Skateboard to cost somewhere around £240, making them some of the more budget-friendly options out there. A mid-range choice of a ride on toy for kids includes vehicle toys, such as a Pocket Mod Scooter or an electric Drift Cart. You can expect to pay anywhere between £400-£600 for such ride on toys. At the top of the range, in terms of Razor electric ride ons, you will find electric Dirt Quad Bikes or 36V electric Drift Karts, which are aimed at teenagers, which you’ll see selling from £700 to £1000 each. As a general rule of thumb, the more power the ride on toy has, and the more sophisticated the features, the higher the price of the ride on toy will be.