You will find that your child’s average electric scooter cannot usually go faster than around 15mph (24 km/h), with most of the Electric Scooter Kids Razor model line of e-scooters having the potential to reach 18mph. Many users would be happy to maintain this slower speed.

However, for our more tenacious scooter-lover who seeks a faster thrill, they may consider a teens/adult e-scooter with a larger battery that can generate more power for the motor, and reach even greater speeds. Take care to remember that the Razor Power Core line of electric scooters can potentially zip off at higher speeds which is why they are designed to be able to stop slowly, safely, and firmly with a user-friendly and easy to understand braking system. Always remember that safety is one of Electric Scooter Kids number one priorities.

If you want to enquire about more specific speeds for each specific model of electric scooter, feel free to direct your questions to our venerable team at Electric Scooter Kids, they will make it their imperative to make sure you get your specific speed ranges for each particular model of electric scooter.