Once you have figured out the process behind charging your electric scooter, how to charge it correctly so that the light is green at 100%, you’ll probably want to know how much distance you can cover on a 100% electric scooter battery. At Electric Scooter Kids, we pride ourselves on the craftsmanship of our Razor Power Core series and the remarkability the model can show when at its full potential. In terms of a timeframe, you will find that your electric scooter can have a lifespan of up to possibly 6 hours if you are clever and conservative with its power usage, as the more you travel with it, the more power you burn through.

In terms of mileage, you’ll be astounded to learn that a fully charged electric scooter can generally cover between a minimum of 5 to a maximum of 40 miles, with an average guaranteed coverage of 18 miles, which frankly is an amazing range considering the relatively small size of your electric scooter. Just remember to take care of your electric scooter and you will find that it covers a lot of distance and time during your ride.