We at Electric Scooter Kids understand that ever since the inception of the scooter (and now thanks to modern technology the electric scooter), children have loved to ride and experience the wonders of this electrifying mode of transportation. We know that kids want to have fun and also feel safe when using their electric scooter. However, because of UK law, electric scooters are classified in the same decree as mopeds and thus are strictly forbidden for use upon the pedestrian path and pavement. If it was legal to ride e-scooters on the roads or pavements, the e-scooter would also need to be road-legal, taxed, insured, as by UK law it must be treated like any other vehicle.

Fear not, the pastures are looking green for the future of the electric scooter industry, as companies such as Electric Scooter Kids are campaigning a government initiative to relax these restrictions and make electric scooters more akin to city bikes that are rentable in urban hubs such as London and Manchester. Keep up to date and stay tuned for the news on the world of e-scooters.