It can always be a scary time letting your child on to what appears to be a high powered road vehicle, and we at Electric Scooter Kids hear your concerns when it comes to customer safety. At Electric Scooter Kids we always place customer security as our top priority and always want to ensure our range of electric scooters are regulated up to the highest standards in the manufacturing process. You always have to keep a sharp eye out for cheaply made doppelgangers of esteemed brands that violate several regulations to save money and put their customers at risk. We at Electric Scooter Kids are proud to be a well-established provider of the safest, award-winning range of e-scooters.

There are also many aspects to consider to enhance the safety of your e-scooter experience, including:

  • Tyres
  • Good lighting
  • Appropriate attire (hi-viz and a helmet are a must to improve everyone’s safety)
  • Brakes

These are all important components to consider and always get the best quotes on what is best for your particular model. The most important part of electric scooter safety is the rider – the rider must always remember to be responsible and cautious to be safe. Like any other vehicle, if ever you feel you or your child are not competent enough to operate an electric scooter, then retire yourselves from usage until you confidently feel you are up to speed and capable of operating your electric scooter safely. Don’t be afraid to ask our team about the best way to optimise safety when it comes to your electric scooter.