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Electric Scooter Kids

UK retailer of Razor e-scooters

Rated the best electric scooters for kids

Electric Scooter Kids’ stylish range of colourful Razor e-scooters will brighten up the day of any child, especially those thrill-seekers! The wide range of electric scooters for kids in our online shop offers something to suit boys, girls and even teens!

Gaining in popularity, kids e-scooters are a perfect birthday or Christmas gift for all adventurous and adrenaline-seeking children aged 8 years or older. With the rechargeable batteries and innovative power systems used across the Razor range, the fun lasts longer.

Check out our full range of electric scooters for boys, girls and teens, and filter through the products to find the perfect scooter for your young one!

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Best Electric Scooter For Kids

Top of the range Kids e-scooters

Razor is a well-established, award-winning manufacturer of electric scooters for kids with 20 years of experience, offering safe and innovative solutions to fun-filled pastimes.

Free Next Day Delivery

With an efficient set-up of our logistics, your order is automatically sent to our fulfilment centre, so that you receive your order promptly. We offer fast and FREE delivery with all of our e-scooters.

Competitive Prices

Electric Scooter Kids aim to make their electric scooters accessible to all kids and teens by always offering our stylish and colourful range of Razor e-scooters at competitive prices.

Electric Scooters for Kids & even Teens

The motorized scooters for kids from Razor have been inspired by California culture and the buzz kids get from action sports. As a UK retailer of these innovative, award-winning battery scooters for kids, ESK is excited to bring to your kids these revolutionary thrilling rides that embody the spirit of freedom and fun.

Whether you’re looking to put a smile on a young girl’s face with the light-up Razor Electric Party Pop scooter, excite an adrenaline-seeking youngster with our powerful Razor Power A2 Red 22 Volt or offer a smoother riding experience to a teen with our top of the range Razor E-Prime Air scooter, we’ve got you covered!

Browse the wide range of top-selling electric powered scooters for boys, girls and even teens in our online store.

Electric Scooter FAQs

Discovering the best electric scooters everyday

How much does a Razor electric scooter cost?2021-10-02T01:26:29+00:00

You can find Razor electric scooters starting as low as £169.99 which, with their fresh design and competitive battery life, can be a perfect starter scooter for your 8-year old at a bargain. For those with a bit more experience and more money to spend, you could be looking for a pro electric scooter that could cost up to £499.99, depending on the quality and the kind of power you’re looking for. Try to remember that models with more voltage tend to pack a bigger punch with the catch of a bigger price tag. Razor electric ride-on toys start at £214.99 for the Razor E Punk Electric Minibike up to £949.99 for the Razor Crazy Cart XL Electric Drift Kart.

How long does the battery last on kids electric ride on toys?2021-06-30T11:56:15+00:00

The longevity of the battery in your electric ride on toy depends on the speed you ride your electric ride on with, as well as whether you are riding the vehicle continuously or not. The voltage of the battery used in your ride on vehicle toy also plays a part in how long the battery will last. When purchasing your electric ride on toy, read the specifications to learn about the capabilities of your battery. For example, a 12V ride on toy that is being used continuously at a speed of 9mph, can work for around 30 minutes. Comparatively a 24V battery ride on being riden continuously at speeds of 12mph can last up to 40 minutes. If your child is not riding their electric ride on toy continuously then the battery is likely to last longer before it needs to be recharged. 

What age are kids electric ride ons for?2021-06-30T11:55:55+00:00

Just like with any motor operated toys, there are age requirements applied to electric ride on toys. This is to ensure the safety of the young riders. The different models of Razor electric ride on toys come with a different voltages of batteries and varying motor capacities, which often determines the age limit. The more powerful the ride on toy, the higher the age requirement. However, with many safety features, some Razor ride on toys are accessible to riders as young as 6 years old. An example of a ride on toy that is suitable for some of the youngest riders is the Razor Crazy Cart Shift Electric Drift Car 12V. It comes with variable speed acceleration up to 13 km/h in the default “HIGH” speed setting. A hidden top speed control switch allows parents to limit their child’s Crazy Cart Shift to a top speed of 4 km/h for younger drivers and beginners. At the top of the range of Razor electric ride on toys selection, you’ll find the Crazy Cart XL – a larger, more powerful ride on that is suitable for teenagers from 16 years of age. As a best practice, it is recommended to carefully read the specifications when purchasing any electric ride on toys for kids to ensure your child meets the requirements in terms of age or weight.   

How much does an electric ride on for kids cost?2021-06-30T11:55:33+00:00

The price of electric ride on vehicle toys for kids varies depending on the model. Each Razor model comes with different features, motor, battery and a different design. All of the different elements of the ride on toy determine its price point. You can expect an electric ride on Minibike or an electric Skateboard to cost somewhere around £240, making them some of the more budget-friendly options out there. A mid-range choice of a ride on toy for kids includes vehicle toys, such as a Pocket Mod Scooter or an electric Drift Cart. You can expect to pay anywhere between £400-£600 for such ride on toys. At the top of the range, in terms of Razor electric ride ons, you will find electric Dirt Quad Bikes or 36V electric Drift Karts, which are aimed at teenagers, which you’ll see selling from £700 to £1000 each. As a general rule of thumb, the more power the ride on toy has, and the more sophisticated the features, the higher the price of the ride on toy will be. 

How fast does a 12V ride on toy go?2021-06-30T11:55:10+00:00

The speed that an electric ride on toy can reach is dependent on several factors. One of those factors is the power of the battery. Others include the actual weight of the vehicle toy, the weight of the rider as well as the terrain the rider chooses to ride on. Generally speaking, a 12V ride on toy can reach speeds of around 8mph (13km/h) to 9mph (14km/h). Usually, the motor that is fitted into the 12V ride ons is a little less powerful than the one that a 24V, or higher, ride ons might have, meaning the top speed offered by a 12V ride on toy are not as high as the top speeds of a 24V ride on. For that reason, a 12V ride on toy makes a great gift for the younger thrill-seekers, starting as young as 6-year-old.

How fast does a 24V ride on toy go?2021-06-30T11:54:38+00:00

The speed that an electric ride on toy can reach is dependent on several factors. One of those factors is the power of the battery. Others include the actual weight of the vehicle toy, the weight of the rider as well as the terrain the rider chooses to ride on. Generally speaking, a 24V ride on toy can reach speeds of anywhere between 8mph (13km/h) and 15mph (24km/h). In most cases, the 24V ride on toys are equipped with two 12V sealed lead-acid batteries, both rechargeable. Electric ride on toys, just like electric scooters come with battery chargers that are compatible with the batteries that are fitted in the vehicle toys. This offers the most optimum method to recharge your ride ons’ batteries, to allow it to go at its full speed. 

What is an electric ride on?2021-10-11T14:01:37+00:00

An electric ride on is a toy for kids that mimics a real vehicle. The toys are powered by a rechargeable battery and can take the form of various real-life vehicles, ranging from mopeds, motocross bikes to quad bikes and skateboards. Electric ride ons are a perfect gift for young, adventurous boys and girls as they allow them to feel like grown-ups, whizzing around on a stylish motorbike or moped. The high-quality batteries that are fitted into the electric ride on toys make the fun last longer – some offering up to 40 minutes of continuous use. The different types and models of electric ride on toys come with different speed limits, age and weight restrictions. This helps to keep them safe for your child to ride on, offering you peace of mind. 

How far can an electric scooter go on a full charge?2021-06-30T11:53:24+00:00

Once you have figured out the process behind charging your electric scooter, how to charge it correctly so that the light is green at 100%, you’ll probably want to know how much distance you can cover on a 100% electric scooter battery. At Electric Scooter Kids, we pride ourselves on the craftsmanship of our Razor Power Core series and the remarkability the model can show when at its full potential. In terms of a timeframe, you will find that your electric scooter can have a lifespan of up to possibly 6 hours if you are clever and conservative with its power usage, as the more you travel with it, the more power you burn through.

In terms of mileage, you’ll be astounded to learn that a fully charged electric scooter can generally cover between a minimum of 5 to a maximum of 40 miles, with an average guaranteed coverage of 18 miles, which frankly is an amazing range considering the relatively small size of your electric scooter. Just remember to take care of your electric scooter and you will find that it covers a lot of distance and time during your ride.

Where to buy an electric scooter in the UK?2021-06-30T11:53:24+00:00

Whilst electric scooters are still not technically legal for road use, you will find that a lot of ranges are selling fast at record sales across the country. The word has come out that this slick method of transportation is the newest innovation in the sphere of children’s leisure. Because of this, you find a lot of electric scooter salesmen popping out of the woodwork and trying to shift their units. A simple Google search will offer you a lofty list of options for electric scooters. So the question is, with all these options, where is the right place to go?

We at Electric Scooter Kids will always recommend consulting a buying guide to find your child the right model you’re looking for. You should consider your child’s age, the motor, the battery, and the price of your electric scooter when you’re looking for your dream model. With this, Electric Scooter Kids is proud to offer the award-winning, renowned Razor Power Core series of electric scooters. Check out our individual pages on our models to get a good idea of what the Razor models can do for you.

If ever you find yourself lost shopping for an electric scooter, remember that you can always consult our team of diehard electric scooter experts here at Electric Scooter Kids. We can answer any burning questions you have and provide you with the right information you’re looking for to help you make a decision.

How fast are electric scooters?2021-06-30T11:53:24+00:00

You will find that your child’s average electric scooter cannot usually go faster than around 15mph (24 km/h), with most of the Electric Scooter Kids Razor model line of e-scooters having the potential to reach 18mph. Many users would be happy to maintain this slower speed.

However, for our more tenacious scooter-lover who seeks a faster thrill, they may consider a teens/adult e-scooter with a larger battery that can generate more power for the motor, and reach even greater speeds. Take care to remember that the Razor Power Core line of electric scooters can potentially zip off at higher speeds which is why they are designed to be able to stop slowly, safely, and firmly with a user-friendly and easy to understand braking system. Always remember that safety is one of Electric Scooter Kids number one priorities.

If you want to enquire about more specific speeds for each specific model of electric scooter, feel free to direct your questions to our venerable team at Electric Scooter Kids, they will make it their imperative to make sure you get your specific speed ranges for each particular model of electric scooter.

How long does it take to charge an electric scooter?2021-06-30T11:53:24+00:00

When you choose an illustrious electric scooter from Electric Scooter Kids, you always want to make sure your electric scooter is at full capacity, fully charged and ready to go at any time. This means you will have to subject it to occasional charges to keep it fit and ready for business. Once you have figured out the process (see our answer on “Where can I charge my electric scooter?” for further details), you can arrange to have your e-scooter charged.

On average, you’ll find that the most widely used e-scooter will take between 3 to 8 hours to fully charge up to 100%. The most regular and budget electric scooters will usually take about 5 hours to charge up on average, and top of the line models will take up to 6 hours and 40 minutes to charge, depending on the level of voltage the e-scooter packs. Once the light on your electric scooter is green, it is letting you know that it is at full power and ready to go. You will find that your e-scooter has a lifespan of about 2 hours before it needs charging again, with riding at constant speeds lasting up to about 50 minutes. Riding in power saving mode can increase the lifespan of your electric scooter to 6 hours.

It’s also best to make sure you don’t leave your scooter plugged in for too long, say, over 8 hours unchecked, as this can have some unexpected consequences. Although Razor Power Core scooters come equipped with overcharge prevention technology, so you seldom need to worry about overcharge. If ever you need further information on electric scooter charge times and lifespans, don’t hesitate to ask our team or, if your model comes equipped with one, check the calculator on your electric scooter which can give you exact measurements and timing.

Where to charge my electric scooter?2021-06-30T11:53:24+00:00

You always want to keep your electric scooter at full capacity, fully charged and ready to go at any time. You will find that to maintain a consistent lifespan you need to keep your scooter full of juice. The solution is as simple as the problem; charge your electric scooter with the Razor Power Core charger that comes with it. You will find a step-by-step instruction manual telling you exactly how to operate the charging process.

Firstly you’ll want a room that is dry, not too hot and not too cold, and you ideally not want your electric scooter battery completely drained and dry. You’ll want to find a socket to plug the charger into and then plug your charger into the wall, connecting it to your e-scooter via the cable. The light on your electric scooter should turn red, indicating it is being charged. Always remember to exclusively use the Razor brand charger that comes with your scooter, as using alternative chargers can have unanticipated consequences.

On average, you’ll find that most e-scooters take between 3 to 8 hours to charge. After the light on your e-scooter has turned green indicating it is now charged to 100%, unplug the charger and wait a few minutes before using it. Your electric scooter will now be charged and ready to go. If ever you need help or a guide on how to charge your electric scooter, don’t hesitate to ask for help from our team, they can walk you through the charging process or help you find a replacement charger.

How does an electric scooter work?2021-06-30T11:53:24+00:00

Whether you are a tech fanatic or simply want to properly understand how your electric scooter works to maximise safety, knowing how your electric scooter operates is important, and Electric Scooter Kids understand this. The science behind the electric scooter is as follows – when you press the throttle on your electric scooter, it will deliver a signal through the currents, telling the battery to release power. This power from the battery, produced through wires, is sent to the motor, which will then conduct a movement within the wheels and propel your e-scooter forward.

That’s the electric scooter in a nutshell, with a few varieties coming into play. You will find that your e-scooter can only go forward, never reverse and that even budget models come installed with several brakes. This is to ensure that our customer is always secure whilst using the electric scooter. Also, just like a bicycle, your electric scooter will require occasional maintenance to keep it in top-notch condition.

If ever you are curious about electric scooter operations, or want more specifications on motors and/or batteries, feel free to leave the logistics to our team of diehard electric scooter enthusiasts at Electric Scooter Kids, they can help walk you through any queries you may have with their invaluable expertise.

How much does electric scooter cost?2021-06-30T11:53:24+00:00

We at Electric Scooter Kids understand and respect that sometimes a customer wants to maintain frugality when shopping for their e-scooter, as the world of electronic transportation can seem intimidating when it comes to pricing. Unsurprisingly, the electric scooter industry is becoming more popular worldwide day by day. With that, more casual (and more perceptive) potential customers are coming in with concerns over prices.

For novice riders, you can find electric scooters starting as low as £140 which, with their fresh design and competitive battery life, can be a perfect starter scooter for your 8-year old at a bargain. For those with a bit more experience and more money to spend, you could be looking for a pro electric scooter that could cost from £150 to upwards of £500, depending on the quality and the kind of power you’re looking for. Try to remember that models with more voltage tend to pack a bigger punch with the catch of a bigger price tag.

For more comprehensive information on the price of each specific model here at Electric Scooter Kids, don’t be afraid to browse through our pages on each model we sell to get an idea of what our prices will be. You can also get in touch with our team who will be happy to answer any questions you have.

How old should you be for an electric scooter?2021-06-30T11:53:24+00:00

Many parents always want to ensure that their child is secure and safe on their electric scooter, and some often wonder if their child is mature enough to handle these marvellous machines. The general recommended minimum age for electric scooter ownership is at least 8 years old, as this usually allows for your child to have some level of experience managing simple kick scooters before moving up to the next level. You will find that only licensed electric scooters are eligible for the road, so if your child is an adolescent you can consider this a viable option, though always prioritise what you think is safest for your child.

Pound for pound, you will find the Razor range of electric scooters is the most critically acclaimed and widely agreed by electric scooter enthusiasts to be the most reliable model when it comes to keeping your child safe. As a renowned, award-winning maker of top of the line electric scooters for kids with 20 years of experience, Razor is privileged to present to you the best, safest, and most innovative quality solution to the leisurely world of electric scooters. If ever you are in doubt, don’t be afraid to ask a member of the Electric Scooter Kids team, they can always be reached and give you the advice you need.

Are electric scooters safe?2021-06-30T11:53:24+00:00

It can always be a scary time letting your child on to what appears to be a high powered road vehicle, and we at Electric Scooter Kids hear your concerns when it comes to customer safety. At Electric Scooter Kids we always place customer security as our top priority and always want to ensure our range of electric scooters are regulated up to the highest standards in the manufacturing process. You always have to keep a sharp eye out for cheaply made doppelgangers of esteemed brands that violate several regulations to save money and put their customers at risk. We at Electric Scooter Kids are proud to be a well-established provider of the safest, award-winning range of e-scooters.

There are also many aspects to consider to enhance the safety of your e-scooter experience, including:

  • Tyres
  • Good lighting
  • Appropriate attire (hi-viz and a helmet are a must to improve everyone’s safety)
  • Brakes

These are all important components to consider and always get the best quotes on what is best for your particular model. The most important part of electric scooter safety is the rider – the rider must always remember to be responsible and cautious to be safe. Like any other vehicle, if ever you feel you or your child are not competent enough to operate an electric scooter, then retire yourselves from usage until you confidently feel you are up to speed and capable of operating your electric scooter safely. Don’t be afraid to ask our team about the best way to optimise safety when it comes to your electric scooter.

What is the best electric scooter for an 8-year-old?2021-06-30T11:53:24+00:00

It can seem daunting browsing through the many different brands of electric scooters to try and deduce which range can offer you the greatest authentic e-scooter experience and which can be rather subpar. If you’re not careful, you are down on money and stuck with a mediocre model that is both unsafe and unable to deliver an enjoyable ride. Luckily, we have the reliable world of diehard electric scooter bloggers, reviewers and contemporary peers to let us in on the inside scoop of what is and isn’t the best bang for your buck and the general consensus is that the Razor Power Core series is the top of the range e-scooter for your 8-year old.

With its reliability and slick operation, everyone can agree that the Razor series is where it’s at in the world of children’s e-scooters, and Electric Scooter Kids is proud to offer Razor as their premium electric scooter brand. As a renowned, award-winning maker of top of the line electric scooters for kids with 20 years of experience, Razor is privileged to present to you the best, safest, and most innovative quality solution to the leisurely world of electric scooters. If ever you are in doubt, don’t be afraid to ask a member of the Electric Scooter Kids team, they can always be reached and give you the advice you need.

Can a child ride an electric scooter on the pavement?2021-06-30T11:53:24+00:00

We at Electric Scooter Kids understand that ever since the inception of the scooter (and now thanks to modern technology the electric scooter), children have loved to ride and experience the wonders of this electrifying mode of transportation. We know that kids want to have fun and also feel safe when using their electric scooter. However, because of UK law, electric scooters are classified in the same decree as mopeds and thus are strictly forbidden for use upon the pedestrian path and pavement. If it was legal to ride e-scooters on the roads or pavements, the e-scooter would also need to be road-legal, taxed, insured, as by UK law it must be treated like any other vehicle.

Fear not, the pastures are looking green for the future of the electric scooter industry, as companies such as Electric Scooter Kids are campaigning a government initiative to relax these restrictions and make electric scooters more akin to city bikes that are rentable in urban hubs such as London and Manchester. Keep up to date and stay tuned for the news on the world of e-scooters.

Are children’s electric scooters legal in UK?2021-06-30T11:53:24+00:00

Many prospective clients eager to own and use a state of the art electric scooters often worry about the legality of their vehicle. The world of E-Scooters is growing ever more popular, which is raising both public interest and concern about the sustainability of their electric scooter in terms of the law. As a reputable company, Electric Scooter Kids will respect and obey the laws set by the UK government.

You will find, as per UK law as of 2021, privately-owned electric scooters are illegal to use in public places such as highways, pavements, paths, roads, and dual carriageways. The only exception you will find to this is when your privately owned electric scooter is ridden on private land with the landowner’s permission.

As of today, the government is still running trials on electric scooters and Electric Scooter Kids are very excited for the progression in the wide-scale legislation of these wondrous vehicles. If you are unsure about the legality regarding electric scooters, don’t forget to keep yourself updated via the web, or ask our staff about the laws on electric scooters.

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